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Use this form to add a listing for a new meeting, or to update the listing for an existing meeting. This new form asks for new information not previously requested that will allow AA’s Central Office of Santa Clara County to create more accurate meeting guide listings, and to keep your group better informed about upcoming events. Items marked with * are required; if they are not included, your meeting listing may be delayed until complete information is submitted. 

NOTE: Due to website management resource constraints and the difficulty of merging old and new databases for meeting listings, we respectfully ask your patience and forbearance as you complete this form. All details for a meeting–including an in-person meeting that is simply reopening after being closed during the pandemic–will need to be entered , not only any details which have “changed”. Also, this form will record some meeting characteristics that the online Meeting Guide and the Meeting Guide “app” cannot yet display, but for which we hope to add support later. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact [email protected], and include “New meeting form” in the subject line so that your questions can be answered as quickly as possible.

NOTE: The insurance policies many groups have obtained through the Santa Clara County Intergroup Central Office DO NOT cover COVID-19. At this time, it appears that individual A.A. groups themselves must be prepared to handle legal liability for any claims that arise as a result of COVID-19 or lack of compliance with standing public health guidelines at in-person meetings.