Your Intergroup Central Office provides AAWS and Grapevine items plus our own Meeting Directory and a few small excerpts from Conference Approved material produced by us with permission of AAWS. Chips, medallions, and outside published material may be obtained at shops in the county which carry such items. This list is provided for your convenience in preparing for a shopping visit to Central Office and for general information about the items we carry. We cannot guarantee that all items are in stock at all times since we do not maintain a large inventory of low volume items. We do not ship literature; however, you may, if you wish, phone large orders to us and we will prepare them for you to pick up. All sales are made directly at the office, paid for by cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard and Visa accepted). Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays and 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday.

All items are subject to sales tax, which is currently 9.25%.
Item Description Price
B-00 Big Book – Commemorative Edition 12.00
B-01 Alcoholics Anonymous    (Hard Cover) 9.00
B-02 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions     (Hard Cover) 8.00
B-03 Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age 14.00
B-04 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions   (Gift Edition) 8.00
B-05 As Bill Sees It 11.00
B-06 Came to Believe 6.50
B-07 Living Sober 6.50
B-08 Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers 14.00
B-09 Pass It On 14.00
B-10 Boxed set Dr. Bob and “Pass It On” 26.50
B-11 Boxed set Big Book/ESH 17.00
B-12 Daily Reflections 12.00
B-13 A.A. in Prison 3.50
B-14 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions    (LARGE PRINT) 9.75
B-15 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions    (Soft Cover) 7.50
B-17 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions    (Pocket Size) 7.50
B-18 As Bill Sees It   (Soft Cover) 10.00
B-19 Daily Reflections   (LARGE PRINT) 13.50
B-20 Experience Strength and Hope 8.50
B-24 Alcoholics Anonymous Abridged (LARGE PRINT) 6.00
B-25 Living Sober   (LARGE PRINT) 7.50
B-26 Came to Believe  (LARGE PRINT) 7.50
B-27 As Bill Sees It   (LARGE PRINT) 12.50
B-30 Alcoholics Anonymous (Soft Cover) 4th Edition 8.00
B-33 A.A. History Set 42.00
B-35 Alcoholics Anonymous (Pocket Size) 5.50
B-53 Daily Reflections (Flip Book) 11.85
BB-AFRIKAANS Alcoholics Anonymous (Afrikaans) 35.00
BB-AMHARIC Alcoholics Anonymous (Amharic) 12.00
BB-ARABIC Alcoholics Anonymous (Arabic) 12.00
BB-ARMENIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Armenian) 12.00
BB-BULGARIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Bulgarian) 12.00
BB-CAMBODIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Cambodian) 12.00
BB-CHINESE Alcoholics Anonymous (Chinese) 12.00
BB-CHINESE simp. Alcoholics Anonymous (Chinese Simplified) 12.00
BB-CROATIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Croatian) 12.00
BB-CZECH Alcoholics Anonymous (Czech) 12.00
BB-DANISH Alcoholics Anonymous (Danish) 35.00
BB-DUTCH Alcoholics Anonymous (Dutch) 37.00
BB-FARSI Alcoholics Anonymous (Farsi) 12.00
BB-FILIPINO Alcoholics Anonymous (Filipino) 12.00
BB-FINNISH Alcoholics Anonymous (Finnish) 25.00
BB-FRENCH Alcoholics Anonymous (French) 12.00
BB-GERMAN Alcoholics Anonymous (German) 19.00
BB-GERMAN (Low) Alcoholics Anonymous (Low German) 12.00
BB-GREEK Alcoholics Anonymous (Greek) 12.00
BB-HEBREW Alcoholics Anonymous (Hebrew) 12.00
BB-HUNGARIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Hungarian) 12.00
BB-ICELANDIC Alcoholics Anonymous (Icelandic) 30.00
BB-INDONESIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Indonesian) 12.00
BB-ITALIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Italian, softcover) 15.00
BB-JAPANESE Alcoholics Anonymous (Japanese) 42.00
BB-KOREAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Korean) 13.00
BB-LATVIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Latvian) 12.00
BB-LITHUANIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Lithuanian) 12.00
BB-MALTESE Alcoholics Anonymous (Maltese) 12.00
BB-MONGOLIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Mongolian) 12.00
BB-NEPALI Alcoholics Anonymous (Nepali) 12.00
BB-NORWEGIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Norwegian) 31.00
BB-POLISH Alcoholics Anonymous (Polish) 12.00
BB-PORTUGUESE Alcoolicos Anonimos (Portuguese) 11.00
BB-RAROTONGEN Alcholics Anonymous (Raratongen) 12.00
BB-ROMANIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Romanian) 12.00
BB-RUSSIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Russian) 12.00
BB-SAAMI Alcoholics Anonymous (Saami) 12.00
BB-SINHALA Alcoholics Anonymous (Sinhala) 12.00
BB-SLOVAK Alcoholics Anonymous (Slovak) 12.00
BB-SLOVENE Alcoholics Anonymous (Slovene) 12.00
BB-SWAHILI Alcoholics Anonymous (Swahili) 12.00
BB-SWEDISH Alcoholics Anonymous (Swedish) 30.00
BB-THAI Alcoholics Anonymous (Thai) 12.00
BB-TIBETAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Tibetan) 12.00
BB-TURKISH Alcoholics Anonymous (Turkish) 12.00
BB-UKRAINIAN Alcoholics Anonymous (Ukrainian) 12.00
BB-URDU Alcoholics Anonymous (Urdu) 12.00
BB-VIETNAMESE Alcoholics Anonymous (Vietnamese) 12.00
BB-ZULU Alcoholics Anonymous (Zulu) 12.00
BM-31 The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts 3.55
BM-32 Twelve Concepts 2.50
BM-33 Service Manual – Large Print 9.00
CD-01 Pathways to Spirituality CD 12.50
CD-02 Classic Grapevine Volume 1 – CD 12.50
CD-03 Classic Grapevine Volume 2 – CD 12.50
CD-04 Classic Grapevine Volume 3 – CD 12.50
CD-05 Not for Newcomers Only CD 12.50
CD-06 Partners on the Journey CD 12.50
CD-08 The Story of AA CD 12.50
CD-09 What It Was Like CD 12.50
CD-11 The Twelve Traditions CD 12.50
CD-12 It Works If We Work It CD 12.50
CD-13 Best of Bill Audio Book CD 12.50
CD-14 Lifetime of AA CD 12.50
CD-15 Attitude Adjustment CD 12.50
CD-16 Powers of Example CD 12.50
CD-17 Emotional Sobriety CD (Vol. 1) 12.50
CD-18 Emotional Sobriety CD (Vol. 2) 12.50
CD-19 Spiritual Awakenings CD (Vol. 1) 12.50
CD-20 Spiritual Awakenings CD (Vol. 2) 12.50
CD-21 The Home Group:  Heartbeat of AA, Vol 1 11.50
CD-22 The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA, Vol 2 11.50
CD-23 Language of the Heart Audiobook 20.00
CD-72 History of Service CD 12.50
CD-81 Alcoholics Anonymous on (16 CDs) 62.00
CD-81A Alcoholics Anonymous (abridged) on CD 22.00
CD-83 12 Steps & 12 Traditions CD 23.00
CD-84 AA Comes of Age CD 12.50
CD-85 Living Sober CD 12.50
CD-87 Three Legacies by Bill CD 8.00
CD-88 Voices of Our Co-Founders CD 8.00
CD-89 Bill Discusses the 12 Traditions CD 8.00
CD-90 Pioneers of AA CD 20.00
CD-91 A Brief Guide to AA CD 4.00
CO-01a Meeting Directory 0.50
CO-02 Early Groups of AA in SCC 1.50
CO-05 Making a Start in Alcoholics Anonymous 0.00
CO-07 Misconceptions 0.10
CO-08 Sought Through Prayer 0.10
CO-09 24 Hour Program 0.10
CO-10 Promises 0.15
CO-10L Promises (laminated) 0.85
CO-11 The Roots of AA in Santa Clara County 18.00
CO-13 20 Questions – Are You an Alcoholic? 0.10
CO-14 How Young People Can Tell If Drinking Is a Problem 0.10
CO-15 The Promises 0.08
DV-01 Markings on the Journey DVD 18.00
DV-02 A.A. in Correctional Facilities DVD 15.00
DV-03 Young People and AA DVD 15.00
DV-04 Bill’s Own Story DVD 15.00
DV-05 Bill Discusses the 12 Traditions DVD 15.00
DV-06 Carrying the Message DVD 15.00
DV-07 Your AA GSO, GV & Serv. Structure  DVD 15.00
DV-08 It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell DVD 15.00
DV-09 Hope:  Alcoholics Anonymous DVD 15.00
DV-10 Young People’s Video 15.00
DV-11 Alcoholics Anonymous (ASL) 8.00
DV-12 12 & 12 (ASL) 7.40
DV-17 ASL – Alcoholics with Special Needs 5.00
F-01 A.A. at a Glance 0.00
F-02 Information on A.A. 0.00
F-03 Supporting the A.A. Support System 0.00
F-04 Where Do I Go from Here? 0.00
F-05 Carrying the Message Inside the Walls 0.00
F-06 Your General Service Office 0.00
F-08 Problems Other Than Alcohol Excerpt 0.00
F-09 A Message to Teenagers 0.00
F-10 Literature 0.00
F-12 The D.C.M. 0.00
F-17 Primary Purpose Card 0.00
F-19 Self Support Packet 0.00
F-25 Central Office Directory 0.00
F-26 Corrections Correspondence 0.00
F-42 Self Support Card 0.00
F-47 A.A. Archives Service Peice 0.00
F-91 Twelve Concepts Checklist 0.00
F-96 Memo to the A.A. Treasurer 0.00
GV-00 Grapevine Magazine (Current Issues) 2.50
GV-00a Grapevine Magazine (Back Issues) 0.50
GV-02 Best of the Grapevine (Vol. 1) (Softcover) 11.50
GV-03 Best of the Grapevine (Vol. 2) (Softcover) 11.50
GV-06 Language of the Heart (Hardcover) 15.00
GV-09 Best of the Grapevine (Vol. 3) (Softcover) 11.50
GV-10 A.A. Around the World (Softcover) 11.50
GV-11 Language of the Heart (Softcover) 13.00
GV-13 Thank You for Sharing 11.50
GV-14 Spiritual Awakenings 13.00
GV-15 The Home Group: Heartbeat of A.A. 10.50
GV-16 I Am Responsible:  The Hand of AA 11.50
GV-17 Emotional Sobriety 13.00
GV-18 Language of the Heart (large print) 15.00
GV-19 In Our Own Words 11.50
GV-20 Beginner’s Book 10.50
GV-21 Voices of Long Term Sobriety 11.50
GV-22 A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar 11.75
GV-23 Spiritual Awakenings II 13.00
GV-24 Grapevine Convention Edition 5.00
GV-25 Step By Step 13.00
GV-26 Emotional Sobriety II 13.00
GV-27 Young & Sober 13.00
GV-28 Into Action 13.00
GV-29 Happy, Joyous & Free 13.00
GV-30 One on One:  AA Sponsorship in Action 13.00
GV-31 No Matter What 13.00
GV-32 Grapevine Daily Quote Book 13.00
GV-33 Sober & Out 13.00
GV-34 Forming True Partnerships 13.00
GV-35 Our Twelve Traditions 13.00
GV-36 Making Amends 13.00
GV-37 Voices of Women in AA 13.00
GVB-02 Best of the Grapevine (Vol. II) (Hardcover) 7.50
GVB-03 Best of the Grapevine (Vol. 3) (Hardcover) 7.50
GVBB-01 Facsimile of First Grapevine – BB-01 4.50
GVBB-05 Best of Bill – Gift Edition – BB-05 8.00
GVBB-06 Best of Bill – Gift Edition (Softcover) – BB-06 5.75
GVBB-07 Best of Bill, Large Print 6.75
GVM-25 Grapevine Workbook – Old GV-25 8.50
GVMS-01 The A.A. Preamble (5″ X 7-1/2″) – MS-01 2.00
GVMS-02 Grapevine Binders – MS-02 14.00
GVMS-03 Man on the Bed (Picture) – MS-03 4.25
GVMS-04 Five Slogans of A.A. (9″ X 12″ Set) – MS-04 5.50
GVMS-05 Serenity Prayer (5-1/2″ X 7-1/2″) – MS-05 2.00
GVMS-08 Wall Calendar – MS-08 11.50
GVMS-09 Pocket Planner – MS-09 5.50
GVMS-15 Dr. Bob and Bill W. Co-Founders Issue (Grapevine) – MS-15 5.50
GVMS-20 Traditions Checklist 0.15
M-01 Guide for Leading Beginners Meetings (Used to be MV-01) 2.75
M-02 Wallet Card) 12 Steps, 12 Traditions & Serenity Prayer 0.12
M-03 Parchment) Twelve Steps (Parchment 13″ X 17-1/4″) 3.75
M-04 Parchment) Twelve Traditions (13″ X 17-1/4″) 3.75
M-05 Parchment) Serenity Prayer (13″ X 17-1/4″) 3.75
M-06 12 Steps, 12 Traditions & Serenity Prayer Set (12 1/4 x 17 1/4) 8.00
M-07 Young People’s Poster 1.50
M-08 Literature Rack 24.50
M-08A Literature Extension racks 24.50
M-08B Literature rack & extensions set 43.00
M-09 I Am Responsible  19″ X 29″ 9.65
M-10 A.A. Preamble 19″ X 29″ 9.65
M-12 Parchment) Bill’s Last Message (13″ X 17-1/4″) 4.00
M-13 A.A. Membership Survey 24.00
M-14 Shade) Twelve Steps Window Shade 31.00
M-16 Parchment)  Dr. Bob’s Farewell Talk (13″ X 17-1/4″) 4.00
M-17 Bill’s Last Message and Dr. Bob’s Farewell Talk (Set) 5.75
M-18 Shade) Twelve Traditions Window Shade 31.00
M-19 Shade) Twelve and Twelve Window Shade (Set) 52.00
M-20 Shade) Twelve Concepts Window Shade Display 31.00
M-21 Wallet Card) I Am Responsible 0.12
M-22 Wallet Card) What Does Anonymity Mean? 0.12
M-23 Conference Report 2.50
M-24 A.A. Fact File 2.00
M-27 Public Information Kit 12.00
M-27 I Public Information Workbook 2.50
M-28 Photo of Dr. Bob 2.00
M-29 Photo of Bill W. 2.00
M-30 A.A. Meeting Sign 8.00
M-33 Tabletop 12 and 12 24.00
M-34 Braille) Alcoholics Anonymous 10.00
M-35 Braille) Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions 5.60
M-36 Group Handbook 11.00
M-39 Conference Advisory Actions 2.00
M-41 Cooperation with the Professional Community Kit 12.00
M-41 I Cooperation with the Professional Community Workbook 2.50
M-42 Archives Scrapbook (1939 – 1942) 75.00
M-44 Archives Workbook 3.50
M-45 Correctional Facilities Workbook 8.00
M-46 P.I. Display containers 3.30
M-47 Twelve Traditions Posters Illustrated (8-1/2″ X 11″) 9.00
M-50 Braille) Daily Reflections 5.25
M-53 Windows Diskette (2) Alcoholics Anonymous 20.00
M-55 Cassette) A.A. in Prison: Inmate to Inmate 3.75
M-56 Declaration of Unity 19″ X 29″ 9.65
M-57 Video) Markings on the Journey 18.00
M-58 Video) Circles of Love and Service 7.50
M-59 Video) Your G.S.O. Today 7.50
M-61 Anonymity Card 0.25
M-63 Braille) This Is A.A. 0.15
M-64 Braille) Is A.A. for You? 0.10
M-65 Braille) 44 Questions 0.20
P-01 This Is A.A. 0.15
P-02 FAQ about A.A. 0.25
P-03 Is A.A. for You? 0.10
P-04 Young People and A.A. 0.30
P-05 A.A. for the Woman 0.30
P-06 Three Talks to Medical Societies by Bill W. 0.45
P-08 The Twelve Concepts Illustrated 0.45
P-09 Memo to an Inmate Who May Be an Alcoholic 0.20
P-10 How It Works 0.15
P-10L How It Works (laminated) 0.85
P-11 The A.A. Member – Medication and Other Drugs 0.25
P-12 The Jack Alexander Article About A.A. 0.25
P-13 Do You Think You’re Different? 0.30
P-14 Letter to a Woman Alcoholic 0.25
P-15 Questions and Answers on Sponsorship 0.15
P-16 The A.A. Group 0.30
P-17 A.A. Tradition – How It Developed 0.30
P-18 Inside A.A. 0.08
P-19 G.S.R. 0.08
P-20 A Message to Correctional Facilities Administrators 0.15
P-21 A.A. for the Native North American 0.40
P-22 A.A. for the Older Alcoholic – Never Too Late (Large Print) 0.40
P-23 A.A. as a Resource for the Health Care Professional 0.25
P-24 A Newcomer Asks 0.10
P-25 The Clergy Ask About Alcoholics Anonymous 0.25
P-26 A.A. in Prisons 0.30
P-27 A.A. in Treatment Centers 0.30
P-28 Twelve Traditions 0.15
P-28L Twelve Traditions (laminated) 0.85
P-29 How A.A. Members Cooperate 0.45
P-30 Is There an Alcoholic in Your Life? 0.25
P-31 A.A. in Your Community 0.15
P-32 A.A. and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic 0.40
P-33 It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell 0.25
P-34 Let’s Be Friendly With Our Friends 0.15
P-35 Problems Other Than Alcohol 0.15
P-36 Is A.A. for Me? 0.25
P-37 Too Young? 0.25
P-38 What Happened to Joe? 0.25
P-39 It Happened to Alice 0.25
P-40 Speaking at non-A.A. Meetings 0.30
P-41 A Member’s Eye View of Alcoholics Anonymous 0.25
P-42 A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous 0.15
P-43 Twelve Traditions Illustrated 0.45
P-44 A.A.’s Legacy of Service 0.25
P-45 Circles of Love and Service 0.10
P-46 If You Are a Professional 0.25
P-47 Understanding Anonymity 0.25
P-48 AA Membership Survey 0.15
P-49 Bridging the Gap 0.25
P-50 A.A. and the Armed Services 0.45
P-51 AA for the Black and African American 0.40
P-52 The A.A. Grapevine – Our Meeting In Print 0.25
P-53 The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous 0.30
P-54 Is There an Alcoholic in the Workplace? 0.08
P-55 Twelve Steps Illustrated 0.30
P-83 A.A. for the Alcoholic With Special Needs 0.40
P-84 Many Paths to Spirituality 0.30
SB-1 Spanish Big Book – hard cover 12.50
SB-14 Doce Pasos Y Doce Traditiones – Large Print 12.00
SB-15 Spanish 12 X 12 (soft) 10.75
SB-16 Alcoholicos Anonimos – Large Print 12.75
SB-30 Spanish Big Book (softcover) 11.75