In these trying times , although the office itself is closed, we are still providing most services, to the extent possible. We have a lively presence on our website where we continue to serve the online/zoom meetings that have proliferated. Information about our finances, Intergroup minutes, etc. are all available in the COIN, not to mention some great stories, all published on our website. Our Diverter volunteers and 12th Steppers continue to provide their vital services, making sure a caller can reach an alcoholic any time, and carrying the message to our newcomers and existing members alike. Most of the Intergroup committees still meet and do all they can in these tough conditions.

As always, I am available to you pretty much 24/7, although if you call at 2:00AM I probably won’t answer. Please call me at 408-478-0712 or email me at [email protected] If I can’t answer your question or provide the assistance you need, I probably know who can. If you want to say “Hi” or just let me know you’re OK, I’d love to hear from you.

We’re getting some contributions online through our website and we thank all of you for remembering us. There is one concern. It looks like some contributions were meant for the meeting expenses, not Central Office. Please don’t send meeting contributions to Central Office. Hopefully your meeting will have some mechanism for receiving those; if not, perhaps you could suggest something. And don’t forget H&I and the General Service entities; all of us continue to rely on your generosity.

I wish everyone could see A.A. from my vantage point; perhaps you do. Groups are active with online/zoom meetings and other activities, our trusted servants are serving with renewed passion, our Diverter volunteers and 12th Steppers are on top of their game, useful information is flowing rapidly, people are involved and making themselves available for even more. The calls and support I get are phenomenal. This Fellowship is alive and well. And exiting. I have come to realize, more than ever, that A.A. is not an activity or an entity or a place; it is a spiritual fellowship of people with a primary purpose, a common interest, and a burning commitment. It is beautiful.
All in all, Central Office fairs well.