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Santa Clara County Central Office Restructure Announcement 2021

As we prepare to reopen in 2021 and in order for us to remain self-supporting and consistent with our AA traditions, the Central Service Board for Intergroup Central Office of Santa Clara County, Inc. is restructuring Central Office as of April 23, 2021.

What is the plan?

Central Office will reopen with a new team of people comprised of current and expanded part-time staff, new management and volunteers. Their primary objective will be to serve our large membership, providing a concentrated focus on meeting the needs of our fellowship’s rapidly changing environment and community.

What are the benefits of the plan?

  • Improved fiscal management, reduced expenses from operations overhead.
  • Direct involvement by you, our AA community, using a structure that is more in line with other central offices and better addresses our members’ needs.
  • Diverse, new, and innovative ideas.
  • A wider variety of perspectives.
  • A broad and extensive talent pool.
  • Expanded hours for book sales and literature pick up.
  • Increased service opportunities for our members
  • Breadth and depth through diversity.
  • Promotion and support of the AA spirit of rotation.

We are excited about the future of our fellowship and look forward to continue to support and serve you. If you have any questions, or suggestions for the board we want to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected]

Thank you,
Central Service Board 2021

Please click here to download the restructuring announcement and click here to download the FAQs in PDF.

* FAQ updates coming soon, check back tomorrow.
* Part-time job openings coming soon, check back tomorrow.