Young People in Santa Clara County


Santa Clara County Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (SCCYPAA) shall observe the spirit of AA tradition, taking care that it never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds and reserve be its prudent financial principal; that it place none of its members in a position of unqualified authority over others; that it reach all important decisions by discussion, vote, and, whenever possible, by substantial unanimity; that its actions never be personally punitive nor an incitement to public controversy; that it never perform acts of government, and that, like the society it serves, it always remain democratic in thought and action.

Mission Statement

Santa Clara County Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous (SCCYPAA) was formed in April 2006. SCCYPAA’s intention is to provide an environment encouraging young people to become involved in AA. Our mission is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers and to have our actions inspire others to actively participate in their own recovery.


Young People’s meetings in Santa Clara County

Business Meetings

The 2nd Sunday of the month at 12pm

Alano Club West

1555 S. 7th Street, San Jose, CA 95112


[email protected]