Dear AA members,
Last week the news that we have drawn down $3M of our General Service Reserve Fund to keep AA’s life-giving national services going during this COVID-19 emergency was released. A letter from the General Manager of our General Service Office in New York gives further details.

GSO is the canary in the coal mine and we may start to hear, if we haven’t already, of similar financial hardships to hit local Intergroups (Central Offices), Districts, Areas and H&I Committees. These AA service entities provide ongoing support and services to our groups and information to the general public and the newcomer—on the inside and outsde. Each of these entities continues to have operating expenses in spite of the downturn in contributions we’re seeing.

The obvious follow up question I have been getting is, “what can my group do to support the continuation of services during the crisis?”  Many groups have moved online and are grappling with how to handle the 7th Tradition – with understanding the importance of continuing to collect funds and the logistics of how to do it.

Of course, the needs of the group always come first and the circumstances of groups and members hay have changed dramatically of late. However, I pose the question that although we are not meeting in a physical space, should we not strive to maintain our same level of support to AA service entities we have contributed to during normal circumstances?

The hope is this can serve as a resource for those in search of the why and how each group can play a role in keeping our fellowship stabilized during this unsteady time..… not only for those of us who have already claimed our seat, but also for the alcoholic who has yet to find the rooms.

Our co-founder Bill W. had an unshakeable faith in our fellowship that as there was clear communication as to the needs, the fellowship would always step up and provide the needed funds. I share his optimism. Together, we will get through this and emerge from the current challenge as vibrant as ever, proving that self-support is about money, yes, but then so much more!